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About Me

Starting 2009 off right with some wishlist cels (not updated yet). Also, 2009 is the year I'll finally update the few cels still hiding in the cel books.

Continuing the trend from 2008, this seems to be another year with a focus on favorite childhood shows. Dabbled with buying some Jem and MLP toys, but discovered that I am much more interested in having a cel of the toy instead (less dusting and easier to store, perhaps...).

Another trend that's continuing is the trimming down of the gallery to only the cels that make my heart skip a beat.
Plus, my goals have changed. When I started collecting, my purpose was to get as many Gunnm cels as possible and to have a complete Rayearth character gallery (a full figure shot and close up shot of each character, including as many minor characters as possible). It was difficult to realize that my interests had changed and to let go of my Rayearth and Gunnm dreams.

In the end, though, I am happy with my collection and am looking forward to its new direction!

Take care and enjoy the rest of your stay at the Oasis.


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