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Star Struck Guitar - Dream Cel (Jem model cel)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Standard size

No Background

Added 9/30/2007
Updated 1/19/2012
Model cel for the Jem fashion Star Struck Guitar first appearing in the "Glitter and Gold" episode.

Later appears in the following episodes: The Talent Search Part 1, Trick or Techrat, Riot's Hope

Thank you to Pranceatron for the information!

Story: Super Major Dream Cel!

Another one of my favorite Jem doll outfits when I was a kid. Especially the sparkly copper-colored guitar. My only regret with the cel is that it doesn't include the guitar. Ah well, it wouldn't be glittery so maybe it's for the best anyway.

Guitar or no, it's awesome having SSG Jem in my collection.

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