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Pizzazz Hangliding Outfit (Jem model cel)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Standard size

No Background

Added 9/30/2007
Updated 1/19/2012
Pizzazz Hang Gliding Outfit model cel from "The Music Awards Part 2" episode.

Thank you to Pranceatron for the information!

Cel Story: Another episode in the "Truth and Jem Cel" series...

So, I was on a roll the day I bought Miss Gabor. I'd just won the Star Struck Guitar and Rhythm & Flash model cels.

And was in a state of gobsmacked jubilation since it wasn't anywhere near the bidding war I'd expected.

Feeling all cool and full of win, I bid on Pizzazz because she looked kind of neat. Plus, I had some extra cash that was just spoiling for the fight it had been denied on the first two cels.

Keeping true to form with Jem Model Cel Impulse Purchases (JMCIP), it was love at first sight when she arrived.

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