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Ever wonder what Felicity-chan does when she's not hoarding cels? Here are links to some of my favorite cel and non-cel sites.
Confused Moogle's Pom-Pom Gallery - Amazing overall gallery with great Jem, MLP, and Rayearth cels!

Cel links - Here are links to some of my favorite cel resources and theme galleries.

Cel resources - Cel collecting information.

Anime Beta forum - Friendly forum for cel collectors - Great place to find dealers, fancel artists, & much more. Also home to the Animanga cel forum.

Fave Overall Galleries - Galleries with lots of awesome cels

Gecko Blue Cels - Tex-chan's awesome gallery!!!

Rayearth cels - Some wonderful Rayearth collections.

Kamidake - Gorgeous collection of Eagle and other Rayearth men.
Rheytarian's Alcove - If you love Umi, go here
Skorp Cel Gallery - Amazing cels especially of Caldina & Presia
The Snake's Den - Awesome Rayearth cel collection!

Get in shape - These are my favorite sites to get information on getting my life into shape.

Suze Orman - Suze provides sensible, understandable, no nonsense finacial information. Think finances are stuffy, boring, and intimedating? Check out her show on CNBC on Saturday nights you will be surprised! She will change your life!
Cathe Friedrich - The Ask Cathe forum is ultra-informative. Cathe's videos are for those more advanced in fitness. Want a hard body? Cathe delivers!
Gilad - Gil provides fun, challenging, result packed workouts that are great for any fitness level. Want a beautiful body? Gilad is your man!
Richard Simmons - Richard's message of the say is so inspiring!

Performers - Wonderful performers you should see!

Connor O' Brien - One of the best singers you've never heard. Amazing!!!

Personal - Here are links for my non-cel activities.

Animejems - My main store, Animejems, where you will find Jem, Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, and other anime & vintage 80's toys for sale.
Animejems eBay Store - A link to my eBay store where there are cels, Jem, anime, and vintage 80's toys for sale.
Click to Cook - A site to share recipes that has a nice, personal touch.

Web Resources - Here are my favorite non RS links for building webpages.

Pagetutor - Excellent free HTML tutor. Clear and easy to understand, even for this non-computer person. Purchasing the book is also very well worth it.


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